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About Me

I make heart-centered jewelry and pottery inspired by Spirit. My jewelry is mostly one of a kind and I use many natural stones. Natural stones are very close to how they came out of Mother Earth, and I believe have the most healing power and beauty. They are not perfect and shiny, but that is what I love about them.

My urns and keepsake jars are for you to put your most loved people, pets or memories in. Please ask about the optional medicine bag to go with your urn or keepsake jar.

I am sometimes helped by my daughter, Kaitlin Lee, who is a photographer who just graduated from the School of Visual Arts. She has a natural talent at design, and very skilled hands! My rescue dog, Memphis, also assists in my studio, snoring away contentedly while I work. Personally, I don't think he likes being with me as much as he enjoys getting away from the other 4 rescue dogs, cat and African Grey parrot! 

    I do some local shows, so if you are in the Saratoga Springs/Lake George area and would like to find out my schedule, please send me a message.